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Flash Fungus Fun

Jakub Dvorský of Amanita Design brings us mysterious little flash games with lovely fungus-laden scenery: check out Samorost and Samorost2. These two are cult classics in the flash gaming community. In each, your task is to puzzle and click your way through a quest: rescue your dog (abducted by aliens) in Samorost, then save the world in Samorost2. Oh, and there’s also The Quest for the Rest in which you guide members of the rock-pop band Polyphonic Spree through a quaintly fungusy landscape (jump on the puffball!).

You can play them online if you’ve a broadband connection–no download required:

Fungusy screenshot from Samorost2

Here are shortcuts to walkthroughs for Samorost and Samarost2, but I’m sure you won’t need ’em. And here’s an interview with the game creator that includes the elusive definition of the Czech term “samorost.”

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