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Beneath Notice, our little bookKent Loeffler and I are headed up to Rochester, NY on Monday to give a presentation on our explorations of fungal photography using a borescope. Should be awfully interesting to talk to a mix of optics professor types and mushroom-lovers. We’ll bring part of our borescopic art show along, and also, ta da! Our new self-published book, Beneath Notice: Adventures with a borescope.

Since I am not the first author and can therefore cast humility aside, let me tell you that this is a beautiful book. Not only are the small fungi it features surprising and lovely in their own right, but the book design by Noni Korf is strong and handsome. The book is essentially a catalog of two years of our well-received art shows. It includes all Kent’s borescope photos from our shows (with a few bonus additions), along with wry and moderately informative captions by me, Kathie Hodge. There’s a brief explication of borescopy and the trials of using a borescope in the field. Apparently few have bothered to to use a borescope to capture beauty; the borescope has previously been relegated to inspecting gun barrels, fuel injectors, moldy walls and the insides of people’s knees. It’s a 90 page, softcover book and I respectfully submit that it’d make a good gift for anyone fond of fungi or intrigued by life on a smaller scale. You can order it from Lulu Press, right here.

Order Beneath Notice: Adventures with a borescope., $33.50



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Most people don't pay much attention to fungi, which include things like mushrooms, molds, yeasts, and mildews. Here at Cornell we think they're pretty fascinating. In fact, even the most disgusting foot diseases and moldy strawberries are dear to our hearts. We'd like to talk to you about fungi, so that like us, you too can tell gross stories at the dinner table. Afterwards, maybe you'll notice some things you would have overlooked before, and we think this could be good for the planet.

Kathie T. Hodge, Editor

Beneath Notice, our book of borescopic mycology.


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