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silhouette of the mycologistIf you’d like to talk to me, Kathie Hodge, the Chief Editor and Blogification Artist, you may email me. Before you do, kindly have a look at our FAQs.

Blog entries have been contributed by various Cornell faculty, staff, and students–find out about the regulars here. We must insist that you should not use our images and stories to identify mushrooms to eat–please find an expert or acquire the skill to judge edibility for yourself. Not many mushrooms are potentially fatal, but it’s not worth taking the risk. If you find an error in one of our posts, please let me know and I’ll do my best to correct it.

Dr. Kathie T. Hodge
Associate Professor of Mycology, and
Director, Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium
Dept. of Plant Pathology
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
email: kh11[at]cornell dot edu


Most people don't pay much attention to fungi, which include things like mushrooms, molds, yeasts, and mildews. Here at Cornell we think they're pretty fascinating. In fact, even the most disgusting foot diseases and moldy strawberries are dear to our hearts. We'd like to talk to you about fungi, so that like us, you too can tell gross stories at the dinner table. Afterwards, maybe you'll notice some things you would have overlooked before, and we think this could be good for the planet.

Kathie T. Hodge, Editor

Beneath Notice, our book of borescopic mycology.


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